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Legal terms

1. Publisher of the site

The site is published by HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL, a société en commandite par actions (two-tier partnership limited by shares), with a share capital of 53,840,400.12 euros, registered with the trade and companies registry of Paris under the number 572 076 396, having its registered office at 24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008, Paris

Establishment (SIRET) No.: 572 076 396 00017
EC VAT Code: FR 52 572 076 396

Tel. +33 (0)1 40 17 49 20

Design, concept and features: FullSix

2. Publication management

Head of publication: Axel Dumas and the Emile Hermès Sarl society
Head of written content: Hélène Dubrule

3. Hosting of the site

The site is hosted by Oxalide, a company having its registered office at 25, boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris, tel.: +33 (0) 1 75 77 16 66.

4. Access to the site

The site is an extranet. Access to this extranet is made via the internet and a secured connection with a password. This secured connection grants access to an information system for architects and decorators who do not belong to the Hermès Group and who have relations with Hermès Maison, division of the company Hermès Sellier, subsidiary of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL.

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL will endeavor to implement all necessary means to maintain our website accessible to users. It is specified that the responsibility of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL may not be held liable in case of impossibility for the user to use the website, whatever the cause, especially during periods in which HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL carried out updates information and/or improvement of programs and/or equipment necessary for the functioning of the services or the extension of their functionalities. Moreover, HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL may have to discontinue the website at any time without notice, all without any right to compensation. The user acknowledges and agrees that HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL shall not be liable for interruptions and the consequences that may result from it for the user. HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL shall not be liable for any interruption of the Internet network.

5. Protection of personal data

5.1 Use of personal data collected on the site

The HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL site implements several personal data processing procedures, the purpose of which is to ensure the communication and exchange of information with internet users. These processing procedures also allow HERMÈS SELLIER to answer written requests made on and HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL to Measure site readership and carry out statistics.

The data collected on the site originates from the voluntary entry by the visitors of an email address and/or personal data allowing a username and a password to be obtained for access to the secure website content, such as information about Hermès Maison’s collection and products, Hermès Maison’s current events, product photos and visuals, with the exception of visitors’ IP addresses, which are automatically recorded by our systems in the server logs and by Oxalide’s systems.

5.2 Destination of personal data collected on the site

By communicating your email address on site, you accept that HERMÈS SELLIER and HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL collect, use and disclose information relating to you, to any entity or subsidiary it owns within the HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL Group, whatever its geographic place of establishment. Data collected and hosted in France may be associated with a given country and be rerouted through the subsidiary of such country. Insofar as the subsidiary companies belonging to HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL Group are part of a global network and can be located within or outside the European Economic Area, including in countries where local laws and regulations do not offer the same level of protection of personal data, we inform you that HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL Group shall ensure that such transfers are carried out in compliance with the relevant provisions of the French and European data protection laws, in particular the HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL Group has adopted a set of Binding Corporate Rules which have been approved by the CNIL.

The data collected on the contact form is intended for the persons in charge of the processing of your request within the HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL and HERMÈS SELLIER teams.

The IP addresses of our visitors as well as their connections and information concerning their browser, as collected by Oxalide, are processed on servers located in France and may be communicated to the third parties processing such data on behalf of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL and/or HERMÈS SELLIER.

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL and HERMÈS SELLIER may be compelled to communicate the information that you have supplied to it, when the request comes from a judicial or governmental authority in the context of an investigation, writ of summons or any other legal or administrative proceedings.

5.3 Storage of personal data collected on the site

The information supplied on the site will be stored on HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL’s server, hosted by Oxalide, in France in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL guarantees the confidentiality of the information recorded on its site. The addresses and personal data of registered users will not appear on the site at any time.

5.4 Right to access, amend or delete

In accordance with law no. 78-17 known as the law on “Computing and Civil Liberties” (“Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978, the personal data collected by HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL on its site has been the subject of adequate formalities with the CNIL.

In accordance with the law no. 78-17 known as the law on “Computing and Civil Liberties” (“Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, correct, amend or delete the data concerning you and to object at any time on compelling legitimate grounds to the processing of data relating to you and you may demand the anonymity of your contributions on the site or of your reactions to articles published on the site.

You may exercise this right to HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL, Internet Department, 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris or to

We shall nevertheless take the precaution of checking your identity before giving you access to your personal data or following up on your corrections.

As the case may be, you must make sure that you supply HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL with the updates or amendments to the information concerning you, including in particular the information relating to your email address, so as to allow us to contact you, if need be. For archiving purposes, HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL and HERMÈS SELLIER may also keep copies of communications with users of the institutional Hermès site and of replies to questions or comments sent to users.

6. Cookies

6.1 Information about Cookies

6.1.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone that makes it possible to save and track data about your use of the website. uses cookies to identify you or store your product selection in your basket, or for statistical purposes, for example. Cookies are managed by your Internet browser.

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6.1.2. What cookies do we use on our website?

There are two types of cookies on our website:

1/ Cookies strictly necessary for the website to function

These cookies allow you to use the main features of the website. These cookies are necessary for navigation on the website.

2/ Third-party cookies

These are particularly statistical analysis cookies that collect information about navigation on our website, thereby enabling us to improve your user experience and tailor the services to your preferences. There are also advertising cookies that aim to personalize and/or improve the content and browsing experience by providing you with interest-based services on other websites. All of the information collected is anonymous.

We use the following cookies on our website:

Cookie placed by Cookie name Cookie purpose Type
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_utmz Manages information from the user: the page from which the user accessed the site, the search engine that he/she used to access it or the link that he/she clicked, the keyword(s) used for the search and the country from which the user logged in Optional


You can edit your preferences at any time by going to the "Manage your cookie preferences" section under the heading "Information about cookies".

6.2 Managing your cookie preferences

You can easily disable and/or delete cookies from your computer, tablet or mobile phone by managing your browser settings.

We recommend that you do not disable cookies strictly necessary for the website to function (cookie described as "essential" in the "What cookies do we use?" table under the heading "Information about cookies") because this would prevent you from enjoying the services of the website In order to manage cookies to best suit your needs, please bear in mind the purpose of cookies when setting your browser.

Please find below instructions about managing and disabling cookies, depending on your browser:

Internet Explorer

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In the "Cookies" window, select your preferences.

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Mozilla Firefox

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Click on "Safari", then "Preferences".
Click on the "Privacy tab".
Go to "Block cookies" and select your preferred option(s).

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 Site engine and templates

The skeletal code or templates used on the site are subject to laws in force and protected by copyright, and remain the exclusive property of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL.

7.2 Content

All of the published material or content displayed on the site, including but not limited to text, photographs, info graphs, icons, images of persons, drawings, models, illustrations, soundtracks, logos, trademarks, etc., constitute works within the meaning of the provisions of article L 112-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property and are the exclusive property of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL, unless otherwise indicated in the margin of these elements.

The domain names "" and “” are and shall remain the exclusive property of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL.

The partial or full reproduction, use, distribution, publication, transmission, amendment or sale of all or part of these elements by any means and for any reason whatsoever is forbidden, whatever the media and/or destination of the site, unless expressly authorized beforehand by HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL.

You may apply for this authorization by writing to the following address:, specifying the content that you wish to reproduce and the medium of the intended reproduction.

You are forbidden to delete any notice of copyright, trademark or other exclusive right on the site or of any the content posted on it.

It is specified that this site respects copyright. All copyright relating to protected works reproduced or communicated on this site, is reserved. Unless authorized, any use of the works other than for individual reproduction and consultation, is forbidden.

Any reproduction, publication, transmission, use or modification of all or part of our site and/or one of its elements, made without the prior written consent of HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL shall constitute an infringement which could entail the civil and/or criminal liability of its author.

8. Hyperlinks

8.1 Creation of hyperlinks to site pages

All links to the front page of the HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL site may be freely created provided that they are not used for marketing or advertising purposes, subject to the mention “HERMÈS” or any other equivalent or more precise mention being clearly indicated on the link or close to it and to the authors of the link having informed HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL beforehand.

This authorization does not apply to internet sites disclosing information of an illicit, violent, polemic, pornographic, xenophobic nature or which many would find disturbing, or any other content or data which would be defined as illicit in accordance with Article 8 below.

All direct or in depth links to one of the internet pages other than the front page, notwithstanding their form or content, are forbidden unless expressly authorized by the site editor.

8.2 Creation of links to documents published on the site

All direct or deep links to documents other than an internet page, notwithstanding their form or content, are forbidden unless expressly authorized by the site editor.

This includes but is not limited to all graphical documents (such as .jpeg, .gif, .png), all multimedia or animated documents (such as .avi, .mov, .wmv,.flv, .swf, .ppt, .pps), all text or editorial documents (such as .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .xls, .pdf), as well as all documents not directly machine readable through a standard internet browser.

8.3 Inclusions and use of frames

Any use or reproduction, even partial, of one of the elements of the site in a third party site by means of processes known as inclusion, frames, inlining or any other process of a similar nature are strictly forbidden.

8.4 Requests for authorization

Requests for authorization for the creation of the links referred to in this article must be sent to the following address: It is mandatory that the request mention the address of the (URL) page on which the link on the third party site will be posted.

Reproductions for marketing or advertising purposes will not be authorized.

9. Illicit data

In accordance with the law on trust in the digital economy of 21 June 2004, HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL allows any individual or visitor to report any content likely to constitute one of the infringements referred to in the fifth and eighth paragraphs of article 24 of the law of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press and articles 227-23 and 227-24 of the Criminal Code.

We invite you to notify us of the publication and distribution of any content:

- Likely to harm the privacy, honor, reputation and dignity of others;

- Which contain insults, obscenities, pornographic elements, violent, disparaging or defamatory;

- Contrary to the laws and regulations, such as incitement to racial hatred, calls to pedophilia, homophobia, the glorification of war crimes or crimes against humanity, incitement to commit murder or a crime, incitement to the commission of acts of terrorism and their vindication, incitement to racial hatred, hatred of people because of their gender, their sexual orientation or gender identity or disability and child pornography, incitement to violence, including incitement to violence against women and violations of human dignity;

- Corresponding to the exercise of a commercial activity: advertising, promotional or commercial, classifieds and more generally any message containing personal or business contact information (phone number, address or email address) or links to other websites;

- Of infringement of intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademarks, protected designs, etc.) of any person whatsoever.

To report any such content to us, we invite you to contact us at the following address:, specifying the link towards the contents which you consider to be illicit.

10. Liability

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL shall not be liable for errors or omissions in the information disclosed or for technical problems encountered on the site and on other sites to which links are created and/or any interpretation of information published on these sites, nor for any consequences of their use.

Since HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL has no control over the personal data management policies or practices of third parties, these legal statements do not include use or disclosure of such information by such third parties.

In any event, HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL may not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to any loss of profits or any other indirect loss arising from the use of the site or the impossibility of using it, even if HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL has been informed of the possibility of such loss or damage.

11. No warranty

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL cannot warrant and represent that the site is free from any virus, data overwriting programs, Trojan horses or any other destructive material. The site may contain technical inaccuracies or other defects: HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL does not warrant the correction of these defects. The site and the content of this site are presented “as is" and "as available". HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL expressly excludes any warranty of any nature, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of fitness, in terms of content or quality, for any ordinary or special purpose.

12. Fight against counterfeit goods

Hermès goods are sold exclusively in Hermès stores, at authorized retailers and on the official site for purchases delivered in France, in the United States, the UK and in Germany.

Only purchases carried out through these sales channels guarantee that you obtain authentic, high quality goods. Outside of those channels, you risk purchasing counterfeit or damaged goods.

13. Security

HERMÈS SELLIER and HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL have applied security measures to protect the personal information you provide against unauthorized access and use. However, the user acknowledges having been informed that no transmission of data over the Internet is 100% secure and that all information communicated online may potentially be intercepted and used by persons other than the intended recipient.

14. Governing law - Disputes

These legal mentions shall be governed and construed in accordance with French law, without taking its provisions on conflict of laws into account. HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to seek and obtain injunctions or orders to defend its rights under these legal statements.